Conference list for UCI education researchers:

The following list is maintained with the support of TLRC associates. If there is a conference or conferences in your discipline that includes an education research component, let us know.

SeasonTitleFor:Recent DateRegistration Due
SummerGordon Research Conference on Undergraduate Biology Education Research (UBER)

Biology researchers and biologists focused on instruction, science education researchers, introductory biology program directors, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, science education leaders from two-year and four-year institutions, faculty development program directors, science teacher educators, scientific society leaders, representatives from higher education associations, and administrators at all types of undergraduate institutions
July 9-14, 2017March-April 2017
SummerLeadership Institute: Advancing Campus Projects in STEM EducationThe Accelerating Systemic Change Network (ASCN) is a network of individuals and institutions, formed with the goal of more quickly advancing STEM education programs. Our unique approach is to bring together those who are researching systemic change at higher education institutions, with those who are making systemic change happen at their individual institutions. By closing the loop between researchers and change agents, we aim to accelerate change at program and institution levels, and to improve STEM education nationally.
August 2-4, 2017February 28, 2017
SummerNetwork of STEM Education CentersAudience: The conference is for representatives from campus STEM Education Centers or Centers for Teaching and Learning that have a STEM agenda, or those who work closely with these centers.
Purpose: The focus is specifically on centers engaged in improving undergraduate STEM education, including teacher preparation and broader impacts in STEM. It is opportunity for center staff to learn from one another.
June 22, 2017March 10 2017
SummerSociety for the Advancement of Biology Education ResearchSABER is a scientific community whose members develop theory and generate evidence with the goal of improving biology education. SABER fosters Biology Education Research (BER) and its dissemination by defining the standards for BER practice, supporting the BER community through training and faculty development programs, and fostering collaborations among BER investigators
July 21-23June 21, 2017
SummerEarth Educators' RendezvousWe welcome participation by all who are interested in teaching and learning about the Earth, including faculty and administrators from two-year and four-year colleges and universities, teachers of high school Earth science, faculty in all disciplines who teach about some aspect of the Earth or would like to incorporate such teaching in the future, students and post-docs interested in these topics, and program leaders in geoscience, environmental science, environmental studies, sustainability, or other programs with an Earth component.
July 17-21, 2017May 1, 2017