The Teaching and Learning Research Center and Education Research Initiative are pleased to sponsor the following guest speaker:

Building Evidenced-Based Practice in Graduate Education: Implications from National, Longitudinal Studies

David Feldon, Utah State University

Tuesday, April 30 at 3:00pm




Abstract: In graduate education, we have constructed very stable narratives, fueled by personal anecdotes, about the factors that influence students success. However, careful analysis of empirical studies tells a more nuanced story. Findings from longitudinal studies of STEM graduate students’ research skill development, scholarly productivity, and training environments provide new insights into best practices that support graduate student development. These include divergent developmental skill trajectories that are associated with specific features of supervised research experiences and contingent relationships amongst skills that hold direct implications for the optimal sequencing of topics within graduate curricula. Other findings also suggest that certain common practices lack the long-term impacts that we often assume. Applications for policy and practice, as well as efforts to enhance diversity and equity within graduate student populations will be discussed.



About the speaker: Dr. David Feldon is Director of Graduate Program Assessment and Development and a Professor of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences in the College of Education and Human Services at Utah State University. His scholarship identifies mechanisms of learning and postsecondary education that facilitate the equitable development of expertise—specifically in STEM disciplines. His research attempts to build bridges from a deep understanding of motivation and cognition to broader cultural and structural influences that shape divergent pathways to expertise and modes of professional success. Dr. Feldon is also the director of assessment for a new Howard Hughes Medical Institute Inclusive Excellence award to Utah State University and the external evaluator for the Virginia-North Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation and the Southern Regional Education Board’s Institute for Teaching and Mentoring.