The Teaching and Learning Research Center supports academics at UCI who are interested in research in teaching and learning in higher education. Here are several resources for you:

Education Research at UCI

Researchers on campus: Read about Assistant Professor of Education Di Xu, and why she studies student success in higher education. Link.

Peer Observation Training: Are you interested in learning how to successfully administer the COPUS peer observation tool, either in your own classroom or as an assessment in a research project? Join us for a 1.5 hour training session,
Wed, May 24
10:00 -11:30am
AIRB 3010

New IRB Support: The IRB requires submission of an exempt narrative in order to publish or present your education research. The TLRC has developed a new set of sample documents to guide researchers through the process. See our resources here.

Funding Opportunities

Fellowship for STEM faculty:  AAU ALL-STEM Fellows program provides faculty of large, introductory STEM courses a small fellowship to update their courses to increase student engagement. In addition, a graduate student from the department is awarded a fellowship to help with the curriculum redesign and to measure the effectiveness of the redesigned course when it is next taught. Learn more here.

TAR Fellowships: Graduate students who are interested in an education research project (such as a CIRTL Teaching as Research project) may apply for a TAR Fellowship through the TLRC. This award provides $1000 and support for your project.

Research Conferences: Are you organizing an education research conference at UCI? The TLRC offers sponsorships and support to conferences at UCI that further professional development in education research. Learn more on our website.

What We’re Reading

Allain, Rhett. (April 10 2017). You Think You Know Grades? Here’s How They Really Work. Wired Magazine. Link.
Elrod, S., & Kezar, A. (2015). Increasing student success in STEM: A guide to systemic institutional change. Link.
Wiggins, B. et al. (2017). ASPECT: A Survey to Assess Student Perspective of Engagement in an Active-Learning Classroom. CBE Life Sci Educ. Link.


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